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Giraffe, Snake, and Leopard...oh my!

Journal Entries

  • A Little Place Called the Sewing Cafe

    When deciding where to have the original designs of the Shwe Shwe Kimonos manufactured it needed to be in alignment with our ethos. It was important to us that the story reflected our values. That desire directed us to a...

  • Caring for your Shwe Shwe Kimono

    How do you care for the items of clothing you love? The good news is for your shweshwe kimono it’s not difficult but it’s good to know. Shweshwe is 100% cotton with a coating of starch so it starts off...

  • What is Shwe Shwe?

    One of the missions of our brand is to learn about cultures through their textiles. Textiles, or fabric, contains within its threads, a woven history, a story of its origination. We believe learning about this origin story can help us...