A Little Place Called the Sewing Cafe


| By Rachel Monique Maskell

A Little Place Called the Sewing Cafe

When deciding where to have the original designs of the Shwe Shwe Kimonos manufactured it needed to be in alignment with our ethos. It was important to us that the story reflected our values. That desire directed us to a place in Masiphumelele South Africa, just outside of Cape Town, called the Sewing Cafe.

The Sewing Cafe has trained more than 100 unskilled and unemployed people from the Masiphumelele and Ocean View communities in Cape Town since 2012. They teach the local high school students how to sew and give the community a place to gather, learn, and grow. They're passionate about textiles and fashion and truly care about the products they are creating.

When we found the Sewing Cafe we knew it was a perfect fit for our Shwe Shwe Kimonos. Since we are bringing their native fabric to a wider audience we wanted to be sure we weren't culprits of cultural appropriation. Supporting the Masiphumelele community felt like the perfect way to give back.
You can learn more about the Sewing Cafe on their website or check out their instagram account here.