| By Rachel Monique Maskell

A new virtual reality

Hello Beautiful,

Trusting you’re safe and well amongst this change. I was thinking about how I would’ve been preparing to go to LA this weekend for a pop-up market. How I’d probably be feeling a bit frantic attempting to juggle too many things but wanting to do it all. And now I’m embracing a quietness and a completely different routine.

It’s challenging sometimes to not get caught up in the fear loop of what will happen next. I’m meant to be doing a business plan for one of my classes and assessing current industry trends and all I can think of is, “who cares?” Why is the past relevant for what is coming next? Albeit, some of it is. History is determined to repeat itself so we must be aware of what was but we are definitely in uncharted territory right now. This thought is both frightening and wonderful. I’m choosing to stay in the wonderful camp. 

I’m choosing to stay focused on myself and my home. Creating a safe, loving, space for my family and myself to reside in for a while. Working on my thoughts and being aware of who I want to be in this moment and beyond. Trusting that as I get to know my shadows and I learn to embrace the inevitable of being human, that all is well. That from this place I can serve and be healthy and happy. That I can be in a place of strength and peace to help build a new world. Because we’ll need to. 

And yes, it’s been a daily practice of breath and forgiveness. Of finding comfort in the little things and gratitude for all things. Thankful for my connection with you and a world outside of just my home. It’s a balance. 

And I laugh because last email I was talking about the importance of comfortable and quality loungewear and here we are...spending most of our time in pjs or some version. So if you’re looking for some ‘new’ cozy clothes I’ve added an automatic 20% discount to all loungewear items till the end of April. I’ll be adding a few more over the next couple weeks too so come back and visit. 

Sending you well wishes and virtual hugs.