| By Rachel Monique Maskell

Flip that Wedge Upside Down

Hi Bella,

Welcome to the first day of Autumn and the beginning of Libra season. Libra is all about balance so it’s fitting (pun intended) that we explore another body shape and how best to create a more balanced look - or perhaps enhance it. 

This week we’re taking a look at the triangle silhouette. It’s the reverse of the wedge which was the broad shoulders and smaller waist. The triangle is a more common feminine shape - narrow shoulders and broader hips. If you’re not sure your body shape you can always refer back to the previous Undressed email on measurement. 

One of the beautiful things about the triangle shape is we begin to see more curves and voluptuous shapes. It’s categorically more feminine because we tend to think of motherhood with a wider base on which to give birth, carry babies on our hips and present a more grounded structure. I often think of Gaia as having a triangle shape when presented in the  form of a woman. 

I tended towards this body shape as a young woman and struggled with it a lot. My sister and friends were more rectangular in shape as well as models like Kate Moss were big at the time. It was challenging for me to embrace my shape and to see the beauty in curves. Thankfully now marketing and the industry is changing and we are seeing many more shapes on the runway and in advertising. I have also come to appreciate my own body and the way that it supports me at different stages of my life. No silhouette is better than another, it’s all in how we embrace it and express it. 

All that said, sometimes we want to create more of an hourglass shape and draw attention away from our hips and bring the eye upwards. Other times we may want to enhance our triangle shape and make the hips stand out. For both options we are going to do just about opposite of what was shared for the wedge shape. 

To create a balanced look for the triangle:

For the top half (you want to draw most of the attention here) -

  • Try horizontal stripes 
  • Wear big collars that expand latterly or a boat neck shape 
  • Try shoulder pads, angular shoulders, or big puffy sleeves
  • Use bright colors or bold patterns
  • Cropped jackets or shrugs to create a new line above the waist

For the lower half - 

  • Wear darker colors and minimal patterns
  • Try vertical lines if doing patterns or tux like stripes down the sides
  • Big back pockets 

If you want to enhance the triangle look, belt your pants and accentuate your waist. Look back on the previous email for the wedge and follow recommendations for the lower half. Think bright colors and bold patterns and fitted jeans. 

Keep playing and exploring your wardrobe as you embrace your shape and soak in the fall air. 

Until next time my friend...