| By Rachel Monique Maskell

Get there faster if we take it slow

Hello Bella!

How are you doing? It’s towards the end of May and these past few weeks feel like cycles, both short and long, have been wrapping up.

Because of this I have been thinking a lot about cycles in our economy and the environment. I’ve been thinking about the government and it’s far reaching arms into our personal health, and our children’s, and yet when you look at their track record for the environment it leaves a lot to be desired.

I’m sure there are many well meaning people and politicians looking to make the best decisions to keep our economy strong and our people healthy, but it concerns me that if we look only to government to solve our problems we may never solve them, or simply create greater problems in the process.

For instance, I know the fashion industry needs better regulation. We need to hold corporations accountable for the working environments in the garment factories. We need to find better solutions for production that don’t do so much damage to the environment and create so much waste. But waiting for the government and corporations to change seems like a path that will get us nowhere quick.

Yes, it is one way of going slow but it’s not a way that will get us there faster. I think for quicker, deeper change it’s going to require the consumers to get involved. We have to vote with our dollars, or not. We have to communicate through the language that corporations, and therefor government, will

We have revolutionized, and continue to, the food industry. Now it is time to put that same passion and energy into our clothing systems, a field that touches just about all areas of industry including farming.

So my questions for you this week:

  • How are your spending habits on clothing aligned with your values?
  • What areas do you need to be more educated on when it comes to women’s rights and sustainability in the fashion industry?
  • Do you know if your wardrobe is supporting you or draining your energy?

There are so many areas that need our attention right now and it can feel immensely overwhelming. Starting with a few questions may help to break things down into actionable items. If these aren’t the right questions for you, what are?

Have other questions you want to share? Want to tell me your thoughts on the above? Hit reply and share your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you.

Big love!