| By Rachel Monique Maskell

It’s more than a gurl thang

Hello my friend!

How are you? Tomorrow is March, and although some days feel like forever, I can’t believe it’s almost officially spring.

I have to share this new podcast I’ve been binge listening to called Dressed. It’s, as you can imagine, a fashion podcast. But it’s all about the history and the unraveling, pun intended, of fashion. And because of this podcast I truly feel proud to be studying this industry.

I’ve often thought of fashion as something ditzy girls stood around and talked about. I never related with that crew. I love clothes, getting dressed and the artiship of haute couture. I didn’t realize until recently however, just how much politics, the economy, psychology, sociology and the environment are involved. It’s pretty much all things we all have to deal with as being humans on this planet.

So this idea that fashion is just for the girls of Clueless, is oh so wrong. I just wish there was another word. But there’s only one. One word to encompass all of these things tied up into clothes we put on our bodies. And the truth is, so much of the fashion shaming actually came from men. Another way The Man has kept women down and attempted to control our bodies.

Now, instead of being embarrassed about fashion, I’m reclaiming it. And along with it, my voice, the planet, and the women who make our clothes. I may only be doing a small part by reselling vintage and natural fibers, or writing content like these emails and soon to be blogs, etc...but it’s something and I’m proud.

Hope you are too, for being you, and wearing whatever makes you happy.

Big love,