| By Rachel Monique Maskell

“It’s not fair!”

Happy Valentines Bella!

I know this is meant to be love day and all, and truly I am glad there is a day where we can publicly show affection in America without fear of being judged. But there’s something that I have to share, so thank you in advance for listening.

If you have a child you have likely heard the phrase, “it’s not fair.” To sometimes the most absurd of situations and sometimes quite poignant ones.

Last week when I was taking Kaliana to school we were listening to a podcast from, Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls. It was a story of a woman in Kenya who was the first to get her PhD in all of central and east Africa. She was brilliant and was breaking down barriers for many women. She knew she had a following and people loved her, so she decided to run for office. And this is where I lost it.

In order for Mugari to run she had to separate from her husband and leave her three children with him. She had to quit her job too. And of course the government refused her to run. I started balling in the car. And poor Kali didn’t know what to do.


It goes on to be a lovely inspiring story but FCK. This level of sacrifice is something men will never have to experience, nor will they likely ever understand.

No, it’s not fair.

But what is?

Things are changing for women in really positive ways in the US. But not all over the world.

One of my major reasons for pursuing fashion is because of how horrible the industry is to both the environment and impoverishment women in the garment factories. They are stuck in a cycle that keeps them uneducated, child laden and broke. It makes me so sad and mad.

But we have options. We can make different choices and to be aware. @Fash_Rev has been asking the question #whomademyclothes. A question we can and should be asking.

I don’t think life is fair. I don’t want to pretend that it is. I just want to make decisions that hopefully make things a little better along the way. Will you join me?

With love,


PS check out this cool article sent to me in response to my last email. Thank you!