| By Rachel Monique Maskell

It’s okay to breakdown

Hello Lovely!

How are you? You surviving this Mercury Rx and massive time of change? It’s definitely been an upheaval for me in many ways. All good, but it certainly has me reviewing past decisions I have made and the current reality I am in because of them.

It doesn’t matter what part of life we look at - every decision we make, either individually or collectively, there are consequences whether we deem them good or bad. 

Take the textile industry for example. Out of necessity from the war(s) many new materials were created. Some of these fabrics are life saving like those worn by firemen. Some were innovative ideas on existing materials like using cork and wood for shoes. And some liberated women from the time consuming work of laundry - the pressing and maintenance of natural fibers. 

It’s this latter one that has me most interested. Polyester and rayon saved women (and still save women/men) time away from laundry to do other things like work, earn an income, get out of the house. This is, of course, AWESOME! But not unlike the pill, which liberated women sexually, it has come with it’s own demise to our health...perhaps unforeseen consequences and shortsightedness of the ‘gift’ that was right in front of us.

The downfall of these poly and synthetic fibers is they don’t breakdown. Unfortunately that hideous 1970s polyester print lounge suit will never go away. You can bury it and try to hide it but it will still be there when you dig it up again. And now with the rise of fast fashion and the need for the economy to keep producing to stay alive and the cheapness to produce these fabrics - we are getting more and more of them and they will never go away meaning our landfills are becoming consumed with them. The knock on effect of this is becoming increasingly apparent to us all. But just like polyester, the synthetic manufacturing companies will never go away. 

Thankfully recycling technology is getting better as they figure out ways to separate blends and rework existing materials. Yet, the question remains: what do we do in the meantime and ultimately how are we making decisions for our future?

My belief is in the purchasing power of the individual. We can choose not to buy synthetic as much as possible. We can take a few extra minutes to pull our items out of the wash and hang them dry or hand wash if necessary. It can be annoying, I know. But isn’t the benefit of saving our planet for future generations worth the extra 10-15 minutes we have to spend weekly? And yes, natural fibers like silks may breakdown more quickly...well, they actually breakdown. Beyond being good for the environment, I think it’s a natural invitation to buy something new. Updating our wardrobes is a good thing. It’s all in how we choose to go about it. 

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Big big love,