| By Rachel Monique Maskell

My bubbles popped

Hello Darlin’!

How are things?

I used to tell people when they visited me in Venice was that I lived in a bubble. I knew I did and I loved every moment of it. The carefree cannabis use, the spirituality turned trendy lifestyle, the fashion and beautiful people...I get excited just thinking about it!

And now, going back to school, I am surrounded by people about half my age from all different cultures, gender identities and passions. The only thing that seems to be consistent in this community is their style; if you count jeans and sweatshirts as style.

An interesting part of my experience is the gender identity. As students we are able to ask that others refer to us in the pronoun of our choice. Which came up for me last night when trying to communicate a message about a fellow classmate who asked me to use the pronouns They and Them when referring I’m still not sure how to finish this sentence.

It’s the most bizarre thing referring to an individual as a They or Them. Not only are we changing up pronouns but now we’re changing a singular to a plural? It’s crazy but cool and liberating in a way.

It makes me wonder where They shops, in the men’s or women’s section? And will there soon be a gender neutral section so one does not have to be seen identifying with either sex?

We need to outgrow our American puritanical roots and it feels like a shift in gender identification is a good place to start. Are these the seeds that help us breakdown the entrenched patriarchy?

Just some thoughts buzzing around in my head as I wait for my yoga class to start. It’s mandatory attendance so I don’t want to be late. Ha!

Big love and as soon as I can get dates set up for a pop up shop in LA I’ll let you know.