| By Rachel Monique Maskell

My plastic breakup

Hello Gorgeous!

How are you?

Me? Truthfully I’m exhausted and I just kicked everyone out of the house and told them I’m not cooking or cleaning tonight. I’m tired of assuming the Cinderella role and then feeling resentful about it. Things have got to change!


Like with plastic. I had no idea it can take 1000 years to decompose. Even then it never actually breaks down and goes away. It just makes smaller and smaller particles that get consumed by smaller and smaller living creatures that eventually ends back up inside of us. It’s a sad and ironic cycle.

And now that I am super aware of plastic, I am super aware of it. It’s everywhere and is part of everything. We are living inside a plastic bubble...or ticking time bomb?

All my learning inspired me to write the poem below. ;-)



My Plastic Breakup 

It used to be you and me

So carefree and easy.

You were always there

At any time or circumstance.

I felt secure, so secure in fact

I never thought about the aftermath.

But then people started talking.  

Saying things about you that I couldn’t believe.

Things that I thought shouldn’t be.

That you weren’t so great as you told me.  

You wreak havoc, they said.

You leave everything dead, they said,

And you never go away.

But I need you, I cried.

What would I do without you, I moaned.

My friends just shook their heads and said,

This relationship will only end up

Being washed away at sea

and impacting everything.

There are other ways, they said

That don’t cause so much dread.  

Try instead paper, wax, and glass.

There’s metal and ceramics too

So many other options for you.

It’s a tale of heartache and waste.

You see, plastic was always meant to break up

and was never right for you or me.