| By Rachel Monique Maskell

Sparkle Responsibly

Hello Beautiful!

Happy Holidays! I’m kinda awe struck that we’re at the end of the year, the end of a decade, the end of what seems to be some crazy astrological cycles...or rather I should flip that and say we are at the beginning of a new time, a new era. 

This feels like a time of reckoning, a time of clearing. It feels like we have been building towards not only an awareness of what needs to change, both globally and personally, but now we also have an opening to move forwards and make it happen. 

For me this means owning my vision and big goals. Not letting fear and doubt lead the way, or even complacency. The latter is the hardest. As I get clear on goals I’m also refining my values and leading with those. But this often means making different choices that aren’t always that easy to do. Some are habits that have set in over many years...yet the time is ripe for change!

Making changes can be simple things too. Like the type of glitter you choose. If you’re like me you love the sparkle even though the fall out, literally, ends up all over the house. I remember when I first heard that glitter was made out of plastic, I was devastated. Tiny bits that never biodegrade, that are impossible to clean and that end up in our wildlife. I was thinking about this again recently after listening to Dressed Podcast on the history of glitter and how it’s made. It’s fascinating, but they also stress the environmental issues with it. 

When I first learned about the dark side of glitter I did some research and found a company that makes a biodegradable version. So I made roll-on bottles of different colors to make it easier to apply and less of a mess. They’re super fun. I was inspired by the podcast to pull them out again and share with you. May your days be sparkly and bright...but please, do it responsibly and make the changes that future generations will be proud of.