| By Rachel Monique Maskell

Spotted in the dust

Hello my friend!

Happy Virgo season. This is my favorite time of year as it’s my birthday month and new beginnings. 

We just got back from the Playa. It was my fifth year and Kaliana’s first, although she only stayed till Thursday morning...thank goodness!

While out there amongst the art, the lights, and shiny things I spotted a lot of leopard print. Not only in my wardrobe but just about every tenth person had some reference of a big cat on their costume. This of course made me delighted and also got me thinking. Why so many spots?

Yes, I recognize that it’s in all the shops. H&M was covered in it last time I went. But I think there is more to it than that. Big cats use their spots to hide and camouflage into their surroundings while we wear it for the opposite reason. We want to be noticed. We want to stand out and exert our dominance. We want to be sexy and fierce. We want to be playful and strong. And we want the feminine. So in walks the cat. The Big Cat. 

Perhaps the leopard is the totem of this time. Representing a strength and dignity we all need. Representing the power of the feminine and our individuality. These are characteristics of resiliency that will serve us well into the future. 

It’s time to sharpen our claws, work on our ROAR, and dare to put on our best spots. 

This year is going to be FIERCE.