| By Rachel Monique Maskell

The Challenge is On!

Hello Gorgeous!

Hope you’re well. Things are bobbing along here, getting ready for our Costa Rica trip over spring break. I am so ready to get back to an ocean and actually swim!

In case you haven’t seen I’m participating in the 100 Day Challenge again this year. Last year I did #100daysofstorieswithkali using the story cards and her art. It was an epic project and one I am so proud of. But with the licensing issues of the art in the cards and my rekindled passion with fashion, this year I am doing #100days100outfits.

Now, I know these hashtags are ridiculously long, but the point is to choose something unique and memorable. Hopefully by reading it you have an understanding of what my project is all about. Essentially for the next 90 days now, I will be putting together a different outfit only using the existing clothes in my closet. During this time we are traveling, going to weddings, changing seasons, finishing school for the know, life stuff. I’m not sure how well I will do but so far so good. I’m happy the weather will be changing since that will open up some new wardrobe options.

The point of doing this project, or challenge, is to recognize that we often have more than enough clothes in our closets. What stops us from having anything to wear is our creativity and willingness to try something new. As I was putting my clothes away last night I could tell that seeing the same thing in the laundry reinforces outfits and color combinations that we’ve already worn. It’s by going into the sleepy items and pairing with our favorites that new combinations are born.

Like I said, it’s still early in the game but I’m having fun. It’s encouraging me to engage in my wardrobe and the day differently. It’s pushing me to see things differently. And these are behaviors I value.

So I want to encourage you. Try not to buy any new clothes for 30 days. Try to find ‘new’ things in your closet. Layer and put together fresh combinations. Accessorize and don’t shy away from color. Explore your wardrobe and see what shifts in your day to day. You just might find new doors opening for you…

Big love and a lot of sparkles.