| By Rachel Monique Maskell

There’s always room

Hello Gorgeous!

How are you? How’s your summer holidays? 

I was going to write last week but it was the last day on our boat trip and WiFi wasn’t easy to come by, so I postponed. 

Last week was also the end of #the100dayproject and my #100days100outfitsnothingnew challenge. Between lots of travel, a few special events, and changing seasons it was a good challenge for sure! Mixing things up wasn’t too hard, took a little more thought and coordination, but the only way to really be different day to day requires boldness. Some days I felt it and others were pretty DT. 

The hardest, of course, was in the packing. In this case there absolutely wasn’t always room. It’s a constant reorganizing and sorting and shedding of items. The boat trip required even more shedding. 

But the things that don’t require physical space, there was, and is, room for more. Room for more banter. Room for more fun and play. Room for love and friendship. Room for self growth and appreciation. 

There’s space for all sorts of intangible things. The question is...what will you pack? 

Big big love,