| By Rachel Monique Maskell

They’re sizing you up

Hello Bella!

How are things? School is back in session so my world is speeding up again with homework, projects and ideas. 

One recent project I’m working on for Dressing RM is a February campaign called, “How do you show your love?” For this I styled five friends with things from the shop, photographed them and asked them to answer the question above. These images will be released on Instagram and website starting next week. 

It was a wonderful experience and incredibly insightful when it came to dressing them. I asked everyone to send me measurements so I could sort through my inventory and put together 3-4 outfits for the shoot. And here’s what I found…

No two women were alike. Surprise! Not. 

I asked for measurements because I know the labels on clothes means little when it comes to fit. A size is simply a number based on a ‘standard’ model fit. And even this means nothing since now we have vanity sizing. But when it comes to dressing, It’s not about size, it’s about the shape of our bodies.

For years women have been conditioned to believe that their size dictates their worth, whether big or small. Women have attempted to fit their individual body shapes into mass produced sizes further adding to our distortion and our sense of self worth. But we don’t have to buy into that model, pun intended, anymore. We can use sizing as a general chart for what may fit us, but knowing your measurements and your body shape will help you find clothes that enhance your natural beauty and individuality. 

It’s my goal to share more information on this topic over time. I’d like to offer measuring tips and guidelines, garment recommendations based on face and body shape, and fabrics that compliment our personality and look. This will be an ongoing project so in the meantime if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Or if there are specific tips you’re interested in let me know here too. I’m sure others are wondering the same thing. 

So the next time you go shopping, whether online or in person, remember that clothes are mass produced, but you are an individual...celebrate it. 

Big love,