| By Rachel Monique Maskell

What does it all mean?

Hello Beauty!

How are things? It is getting super hot here in Sac. All I want to do is lay out by a pool and drink cocktails. Isn’t that what the summer is for?! Alas, there are other things and other people that need my attention…

This ebb and flow made me think of the symbols I use at the top of this email which is something you may be wondering about...what do they mean? What’s the point?

They’re are something I made a few years ago with my dear friend and artist Mika Cali. Since their birth I have evolved but the meaning has remained consistent, they in fact, represent evolution. 

Another way I have thought of them is alchemy in action. The steps towards transformation. The first step is tuning in, the second receiving, the third is action, and the fourth is the manifestation of change. And then it begins again. 

With all things we embark on we are evolving, if we are conscious of the process. With fashion and clothes transformation becomes even more present, it is the visual representation of who we are and who we see ourselves in this moment. Clothes are symbols that often speak louder than words or at least set the stage for first impressions and yes, judgement. 

At different stages in our lives and at different times we need clothes to support our growth and transmit to the world how we are showing up. They can be conversation starters or repellers. Knowing your style, what works for you, how to play with clothes can all be tools for communicating what you want. My trick: tuning in to the environment and the atmosphere of each occasion and dressing in a way that supports that energy while allowing my unique style to shine through. It is being both a chameleon and a flower. Communicating that I both understand the social situation while not being consumed by it. As a side note, my clothes usually speak to me...they tell me if they’re a good fit or not. And I listen. ;)

Today’s what ways are you evolving now and how can your wardrobe support these changes? Are there things that need to be updated? Whose help do you need to make sure your clothes match the vibe you want to be transmitting? The mirror in your bedroom may not be as good as a mirror in a friend. 

Big love and stay cool.