| By Rachel Monique Maskell

What’s it made of

Hello Beautiful!

Happy Thursday to you. 

This week I started back at school. I could have done with one more week to catch up. Half the break was holiday and the other half I’ve spent working on my website which I hope to have more organized and streamlined for you soon. All good but there’s so much more I want to do...”so many things so little time.”

One of the courses I am taking this year is textiles. We get to pick apart fabrics, look at them under microscopes and learn about the different properties of the fiber that makes up the whole. In analyzing and understanding where the fabric came from we can extrapolate how it is best used in design and what it’s value or limitations may be. My analytical mind is thrilled and I can’t help but see this as an analogy for life and people.

Knowing what we’re made of and what our ancestral stories are can help to give context to where we are best suited. What activities and functions we may thrive at and when we are attempting to change ourselves or our environment to blend in

It’s kinda funny thinking about ourselves as made up of different fibers...but then again, it just may be an analogy that helps us to be more comfortable in our skin and find a place where we fit best. No matter how many layers we put on, or take off, under it all we are still ourselves. 

Here’s to finding, knowing, and loving your authentic self.