| By Rachel Monique Maskell

Who’s sleeping with who?

Hello Darling!

How are you? Surviving this transitional time with the time change and full moon energy? 

James has been away for a few weeks, mostly in India working on collaborations and potential health care changes. It’s exciting but not without its challenges at home, especially since it’s also midterm time. 

When either one of us is away Kaliana moves into our bed. Neither of us put up much of a fight. A king size bed is awfully big even with our maltipoo who likes to take up at least half the space. And this might be a bit TMI but I typically sleep naked, so Kaliana has taken to this too when she sleeps with me. 

This new ritual has me thinking a lot about the textiles used in nightclothes and sleepwear. When thrifting I hunt mostly for silks which can be found in the pajama section. What I notice is that the majority of sleepwear is polyester. It’s been made to look a lot like silk and even feel like silk but the properties of this textile are much different. 

As a natural fiber silk likes water and will absorb moisture. A great quality for sleeping. I tend to wear my birthday suit because I get too hot at night. Polyester also attracts oil and will hold bacterial odor. Not so great. Yes, it’s cheaper and it may look lovely, but you may want to rethink it if it’s your go to for lounge or sleepwear. 

If you have the time and inclination you can find silk fairly easily at thrift stores. Or for a curated selection you can check out the loungewear collection on my website. Even if you’re like me and prefer nudity at bedtime, silk is great to put on at the end of the day or when you first wake up and haven’t sorted out what to wear. It feels amazing and can be worn frequently without washing. And it’s great for sleepovers or for a little va va voom.