| By Rachel Monique Maskell

Will we ever be equal?

Hi Babe!

How are you?

I’ve been been binge watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and it’s astounding how much is still relevant today.

I mean, I’m proud of how far we have come but we know there is more to be done. Not just in the pay gap and equal opportunities, but in compassion, understanding and respect for the work most women do outside of the office.

When I hear about the women who work in the garment industry in Bangladesh or Cambodia, my heart drops. These are women who are caught in a loop and patriarchy demise.

They say thrifting or buying second hand can help disrupt the fast fashion industry but I’m not sure if it will help them. Women so desperate for money they will work in the most awful conditions. But knowledge is power and I hope little by little we can improve the situation for all women globally.  

As MLK day approaches I send my prayers for all those who have been less fortunate and I hold gratitude for all those who have come before to pave the way.

May there be more positive waves of change ahead.