| By Rachel Monique Maskell

You do You

Hello my beautiful friend!

How are things? 

I went from full on travel, to home, to full on Burning Man prep crafting hats, sewing lights, and creating my first art couture all upcycled chain vest. (See pic below). I’ve been so busy in the physical world I’ve trailed off in the digital world. How does one keep up?!

Last night I had a phone call with the camp teacher that Kaliana has been attending. Ms. Karen is a retired Waldorf instructor and deeply understands the psychology of child development. We spoke about Kaliana’s behaviors and how it relates to her going into first grade: her tendency to emotionally manipulate me, her demanding language, and bedtime challenges. 

Ms Karen shared some insight about this sacred time; how they’re developing their individual self and finding more ground and awareness in the world around them. It can be scary and overwhelming which can lead to very challenging behaviors. She offered plenty of tools to help but the one that stood out most was setting boundaries energetically by putting on my imaginary crown, standing tall, and exuding the vibe of Queen/King of my domain. 

This is not rocket science, I know that. This is also not new to me. Except, at this point in time it couldn’t be more poignant. As her world shifts she pushes and pulls on me, the safe space. What she is looking for and needs is stability. A loving pillar. 

The reality is that we all need this. We are flailing around looking for a point of stability and reference that tells us we’re safe, we are loved, and all is well. 

The difference is as an adult we can, and should, seek this stability within ourselves. Take some deep breaths, tune in to our inner guidance, and step off the hamster wheel. I know, easier said than done. 

I mention this now because so many things are changing. The pace of the world and the demands on our time are ever increasing. Feeling out of sorts is becoming the new normal and I’m afraid if we keep looking outside of ourselves for stability we will be lost with the herd. 

Let’s not get trampled on or caught up in everyone else. Now is the time for You. What do You want? This is the deep inner You. What makes You happy and thrive? What does your imaginary crown look like and how often do you wear it? 

Choosing You isn’t selfish. It’s the greatest gift the world can receive right now. 

Big love,