A New Story


| By Rachel Monique Maskell

A New Story

We are in a time of new beginnings.  

A time when what was

and what made sense

is no longer.

A time when life is moving so fast

it’s hard to get footing.  

The time as Charles Eisenstein would say,

“in between stories”.

And if this is a time that we are in

then I invite you to join me

in envisioning a new story.

A story in which we no longer need

hierarchy to control us

we no longer need

gender roles to mold us.

Instead we are governed by our

own internal compass.

We use our intuition -

the voice that speaks our truth

gently nudging us towards our highest potential,

our life‘s purpose.

In this moment to moment guidance

we harmonize.

Each individual connecting and dancing

with each other.

Moving in and out

not because of prejudice or fear

but because the energy wasn't there.

But to get to this place,

this new story,

we must tune in and connect.

We must listen, feel, see and know our Self

So we practice and we play,

we call in the divine to help guide our way.

Then we can remember

and write a new story together.