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Creating a Life You Love with Kim and Jessica

w4-kim-and-jessica [DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS] Creating the life you want sounds nice right? But is it possible? It's the question I grapple just about every day. In my heart I know it can happen but when it comes down to it I realize I actually have to change myself. Yikes! So in the last week of Season 4 Recap there are two mamas who share their keys to success and real actionable steps we all can take. It's not an overnight process but it is doable! First recap is Kim Ades of Frame of Mind Coaching. Kim shares the power of journaling to help get to our core blockages and reminds us that when it comes to our kids, it's called PARENTing for a reason. Listen to ‘The Stories we Tell Ourselves with Kim Ades’ here. Next is Jessica Olmon of Vero Law and Course Corrected. Jessica gives us a concrete road map to getting where we are to where we want to be. Hint: it starts with knowing where we're at first! Listen to ‘How to #RiseAbove with Jessica Olmon’ here. New podcasts will air again in the new year. In the meantime stay tuned for updates, hot tips, and other self care nuggets here and in the #mumboss4life weekly love notes in your inbox.