Do Problems Really Suck?


| By Rachel Maskell

Do Problems Really Suck?

“Problems are the building blocks to happiness.” - Mark Manson

We’d like to believe that in a perfect world there would be no problems, that happiness is a state of bliss that we should all be living in, all the time. But that’s not the game of life. We need problems, we need challenges to grow.

I’ve been going through the Vital Mind Reset program with Dr Kelly Brogan and she talks a lot about our health, or lack of, as being an opportunity to learn more about ourselves. An opportunity to uncover blocks, find out where our pain points are hiding out, and to do the hard work so that we can be more alive, present, happy.

My pediatrician often speaks of illness in children, such as fevers or colds, as part of the bodies programming for growth. That once a child has overcome this type of illness he often sees growth spurts, language development and/or a change in the way the child engages with her world.

Recently I got into a conversation with a friend about my own life challenges and how I have become more grateful for these times because it allows me to look at my shadow side and my follies and see what lessons they have to offer. It was a fun conversation because it was a newish concept for him. But one that I think we all innately know but perhaps don’t want to embrace.

As mother’s we are constantly juggling the feeling of inadequacy, guilt, not enough time, and over input of what everyone thinks we should be doing. It’s enough to make us women want to throw in the towel. Yet if we can take these pain points and shift our perspective perhaps they can become moments where our Inner Self is looking to get our attention. What if each of these feelings of lack were exactly where we need to evolve as people?

Mark Manson, in his latest book ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’ introduces the Disappointment Panda. The superhero that no one really wants to come around but the guy that gives you the insight you need to hear about yourself. So maybe we don’t have this character showing up at our doorstep quite in that way, but I bet you’ve seen him before and the next time you do I challenge you to listen and to do something different. I will be right there with you.



PS: this post was inspired by Marie Forleo’s interview with Mark Manson. Check it out below.