From Health Crisis to Health Opportunity with Jenny Castro


| By Rachel Maskell

From Health Crisis to Health Opportunity with Jenny Castro

One thing I believe wholeheartedly is that the Universe uses life experiences to teach us lessons about ourselves and our personal mission. Sometimes these lessons can be as simple as taking a wrong turn and ending up somewhere fabulous that you never knew existed but is exactly what you need at that moment. And sometimes those lessons can be more complex and emotionally tumultuous - these are ones often related to our health.

Dis-ease and health opportunities are some of my favorite ways to reframe these often challenging and overwhelming experiences. That in hitting a low or a crisis moment we are given the chance to take a step back and to think of our lives more holistically.

This journey is exactly what inspired Jenny Castro to launch Living Wholly - an events, community, and wellness platform that connects people with resources and tools to live a more supported and nourished life. And, as a mama, it’s helped her to heal her relationship with her mother, a vital step towards empowering a new lineage of women through her daughter.

In today’s show Jenny Castro shares her story and the motivation behind launching Living Wholly, setting new boundaries with her mother, and how to balance family ties while taking a new direction and perspective on life. Tune in for more below.