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Getting Dirty with Xavia and Maya

w3-xavia-maya [DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS] It’s not that I put a whole lot of stock in Astrology, although I do think there’s something to it, but I’m a Virgo. By our very nature we prefer things to be organized, clean, simple. And as a mother of a toddler who loves to create and make messes, I often find myself deep breathing and working on letting go. Sigh. In the third week of Season 4 Recap we have two interviews that tackle the theme of messes and getting dirty. Both mamas are looking at it from different angles but the overall message is: ‘it’s all good.’ This for me is the most empowering message. First up is Xavia Omega of The Messiful Mama. Xavia reminds us that the cheerios on the floor don't always have to be picked up right away and sometimes being late is the best decision you can make for the day. Listen to ‘Redefining Perfection with Xavia Omega’ here. Next is Maya Shetreat-Klein, a pediatric neurologist, author of The Dirt Cure and founder of the Terrain Institute. Maya shares tips for when your kids get sick, why getting dirty is a good thing, and how we are shaped by the germs around us. Who knew we are influenced by more than what the eye can see! Listen to ‘Why You Should Love your Germs with Maya Shetreat-Klein’ here. Next week Season 4 Recap wraps up with ‘Creating a Life you Love’. If you don’t want to miss an episode and want to get personal insights from me be sure to subscribe for updates on my website at