GPS for Mamahood?


| By Rachel Maskell

GPS for Mamahood?

Everyone has a story that got them where they are today. You may love your story, you may wish it was different, you might never have thought of it. Regardless what it is there is a unique path you have been on made up of your choices and others choices for you.

As a kid we don’t get to make choices for ourselves. We are relying on our parents and the adults around us to best navigate life on our behalf. And it’s often that we are spending most of our adult life trying to undo what we experienced to from 0-7.

Between our childhood challenges, societal expectations, and familial patterns it’s easy to get lost. Our identity gets chipped away in order to be everything else for everyone else.

Then perhaps one day we wake up and everything we knew to be our truth, our comfort is gone. What do we do next? Where do we turn?

Does this sound familiar? Maybe it’s your own experience or someone you know. The truth is we all are in need of a GPS at some point to navigate through life’s ups and downs. Whether that becomes a coach, a mentor, or friends it's important to have something or someone to lean on in tough times. I believe the start to building this network of support is the willingness to share our stories.

And with a deep breath I share my story below. I thought I could do it all in 5 min, ha!, but it takes about 16 min to give the highlights of where I have been and the tools and people that have supported me along the way. I am so grateful that I have had mentors to bring me back to center, to teach me tools, and ways to help me rediscover and connect with my authentic Self when things weren't always clear,

Because of these people, my personal journey, and my internal work I feel honored to be able to offer my story and support to those who feel called to be part of the #mumboss tribe.