How to Live in the Flo with Alisa Vitti


| By Rachel Maskell

How to Live in the Flo with Alisa Vitti

We live in an environment that caters to the male physiology. - Alisa Vitti

When’s the last time you stopped to think about that? Or were you even aware that our bodies, as women, have a different cycle and rhythm than men...mostly due to our hormones. And no, hormones are not just important if you’re in menopause.

I’m fascinated with this information. Understanding that we have a different biorhythm than men empowers me to be more me. To stop fighting my own internal rhythm and energy to try in fit into a paradigm that doesn’t serve me.

In today’s #mumboss episode I sit down with Alisa Vitti and get into all things female...particularly our hormonal patterns and how to take advantage of it through cycle syncing (a term coined by Alisa). Alisa has an incredible wealth of knowledge and insight in women’s health and menstruation. She is the author of WomanCode and just launched an incredibly valuable and helpful app called My Flo. Alisa Vitti MyFlo

I am so honored to have had this time with Alisa. She was such a saint being flexible and on point despite my #mumboss might hear a bit of Kaliana in the background which was a little stressful while filming but we kept on determined to get you this life changing and empowering information.

Check out our talk below. We get into cycle strategies and all the cool ways the app can support us, if you don’t have time to watch just download the app and get started.

After you’ve watched today’s video let me know what you think? Do you find yourself adjusting your routine to your body’s energetic needs or to the demands outside of you? What’s one thing you can do to be more in alignment with you? My action step...keeping track of my flo. Knowing my rhythm feels like the first step in taking back my self.

PS every woman should download the MyFlo app today….Men, I promise you’ll benefit too. ;)