How to Make Mercury Your Bae


| By Rachel Maskell

How to Make Mercury Your Bae

You may have heard people chatting about Mercury in Retrograde - no signing contracts, electronics always go wacky, boyfriends and husband's duck for cover...yeah it's got a bad rap. But recently I got schooled in the ways of Mercury thanks to Jana Roemer.

This Mindful Mama opened my eyes to a new way of understanding and working with Mercury. Now I no longer fear this time, or ignore it. I'm ready to embrace the wisdom and insight he has to offer.

In today's vid I share the download I received Sunday night from Jana. I cover the symbolism, upcoming Mercury in Retrograde dates, and strategies I'm now implementing to better organize my life.

After watching I'd love to hear from you. Have you been impacted by Mercury in the past? What lessons can you gain from his insight? Share in the comments below.