How to Survive a 14 hr Flight with a Toddler


| By Rachel Maskell

How to Survive a 14 hr Flight with a Toddler

 Traveling with a toddler, no matter what the circumstances or even distances, is a challenge. I mean toddler’s themselves are a challenge so add a potential stressful event and little room to move around and it can be a disaster.

That said, Kaliana has been to 14 countries and did her first international flight at age 8 weeks. So, although I think these tips I’m about to share are good, they may not fit every munchkin or every mama.

Let’s get started…

My Top 5 Travel Tips for Mamas:

  1. Treats - for both of you. My favorite mama treats are chocolate covered espresso beans, mints, or sometimes chocolate. I packed a bag full of other goodies for Kaliana like dried mango, apples, carrots, bell peppers, and animal crackers. These are great distractions and since the flight is so long there is often not enough food provided.
  2. iPad - essential travel tool. Thankfully they had some good movies on the flight but it’s not something to rely on. Make sure your digital devices are fully charged and videos or other games are downloaded and ready to go.
  3. Melatonin - I use this in moderation but when we travel it is golden. This supplement helps to get her to sleep which can be challenging with the time differences and change in rhythm.
  4. Small trash bags - this one may seem silly but I found it so helpful on our latest flight. Trash builds up quickly from snacks, water bottles, cups, etc. Space is already limited so having a way to contain all the clutter helps me to stay a bit more sane.
  5. Drinks - pack water because although it is provided it can be difficult to get enough and it’s easy to get dehydrated. Plus, I usually have a couple glasses of wine to ‘help my nerves’ so extra water is essential!

Besides these five items I also make a point to do some breathing exercises (I’ve been keeping up with my breath of fire) and meditation to keep myself from being reactive. It can get a little intense with the tight spaces and demands of my munchkin! Oh the joys of travel!

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And remember...keep calm and travel on my friend!