It's Time for Change


| By Rachel Maskell

It's Time for Change

There's an energy moving in the world that brings to mind the word Restructuring. You can see it happening through all the natural disasters, the way big industry is having to rethink strategies, and through conversations where what was good and worked before is no longer working.

So then what?

I believe it's an opportunity to get honest. To go back to our core values and desires and to function from that place…

For me that means a shift in focus for #mumboss and a realignment of priorities at home. All good and very exciting which is why I want to share this video with you today.

In it I cover my inspiration for pivoting, and she's amazing, what I'm pivoting to, and what you can expect moving forwards. Not too much has changed but I like to keep it real and keep you informed so here we go…

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