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#mumboss on the Road

[DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS] Mindfulness journey with mumboss Rachel Maskell Season 3 starts next week! Amongst all the travel and family stuff I’m determined to keep the momentum going with the #mumboss podcast. It's such a joy for me to speak with other amazing mamas, to learn from them, and to share with you their wisdom and experience. It’s been just about two weeks since we packed up our place in Venice. Things have been going along pretty well, a few ups and downs as expected when traveling as a family still working and trying to function with day to day activities. I’ve been documenting our trip which you can follow along on Facebook or YouTube as my mindfulness journey. It’s been a great way for me to share where we’re at physically and adding insight by pulling a daily card. Check it out and join me on this adventure! Now that Kaliana is a little older and her awareness is growing she’s a bit unsure of what we’re doing. Her questions include: ”why do we keep moving and moving” and “when are we going to Gigi’s house?” When I hear these questions I break just a little. How do you explain what and why we are doing? Sometimes I’m not even sure except that it’s fun and different and we get to meet people around the world. Maybe she’ll end up hating travel when she's older, I hope not but you never know the long term impact of parenting choices. Lol. Kaliana's passed out All of this takes me to the focus of season 3 of the #mumboss podcast. Last season I focused a lot on the ‘mum’ angle, caring for ourselves and how to juggle it all. This season I want to spend more time on the ‘boss’ angle: how to build a career while feeling like you have an arm tied behind your back, the psychology of working, and the art of being Instagram ready... It’s amazing how much we do as women and I am so inspired by these next mamas who will be on the show. So stay tuned for next week's first episode of season 3. Don’t forget the show’s moved from Thursday’s to Friday's too. Looking forward to being back in action with you!