My Journey with Food


| By Rachel Maskell

My Journey with Food

My relationship with food has definitely been up and down. As I share in today’s video I have tried lots of diets and weight loss behaviors, but nothing ever worked. It wasn’t until I came to realize that I was infusing my food with negative emotions and self talk that I was able to reset my relationship with it.

I still have days where I dance with food - some days not wanting to eat at all and others finding myself indulging in decadence with friends. Regardless of my actions I now have a deeper understanding of who I am and how to tune in to my body and eat more intuitively.

What I crave no longer controls me and in fact I no longer have many cravings. I am driven now by a desire to experience life, taste good food, and feel alive in my body. These are all aspects I can control myself that I don’t need to do through food.

So this is Me. My journey around food. I share it with you now in hopes it will help inspire or awaken a shift within you.

To good health!