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Season 3 Recap: Acknowledging your Inner Wisdom and Strength

[DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS] If you've listened to the #mumboss podcast before you likely heard me say that it's a show dedicated to enhancing your super mama powers. And it's true...I believe that as mamas we have super powers and that by tuning in to our sense of knowing and self, life will become more graceful and infused with more ease. It’s a journey but we’ve got to start somewhere. So, in this week’s recap of the #mumboss podcast the theme is:

Acknowledging our Inner Strength and Wisdom with Veena Sidhu and Paula Mallis.

Why? Because these traits are the inception of our super powers. First up is...

Veena Sidhu with Harnessing your Super Powers

S3 E4 #mumboss In this episode Veena shares her journey of being on bed rest for a significant amount of her pregnancy and how she was able to work through her ‘crazies’ during that time. She shares her incredible insight and what she has been able to accomplish post pregnancy that current rhetoric would say is impossible. She’s got some great nuggets for no matter where you’re at on your journey and key tools for reframing life to break through those limiting beliefs. Next is...

Paula Mallis from Maiden to Mother.

Season 3, episode 6 One of the things I love about this episode is how passionate Paula is about the journey into motherhood and birth. Birthing not just babies but any creative project. This perspective is so empowering and feels essential for embracing our new selves. Paula helps us to look at our birth stories and gives us a canvas onto which we can create the reality of our dreams. Next week is the last of our recap before we launch Season 4! Wow time flies!!! Thank you for tuning in and being part of the #mumboss community. Have thoughts or comments to share? Add below or find me on instagram or Facebook, would love to hear from you!