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Season 3 Recap: Building Brand YOU

[DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS] Eight weeks, eight episodes, all recorded some where different in the world. It was a whirlwind of creation and interviewing while exploring new places and meeting new people. The conversations that I had in Airbnb closets this past season were amazing. Yeah, most of the episodes included me tucked away in a cupboard or a closet praying for good internet connection. I can tell you that Croatia and Mexico were the worst. One week I almost couldn’t publish a show because I couldn’t get the file uploaded. Sigh, the things we nomads have to deal with… But truly, this past season was awesome. So while I am building content for season 4, I thought I would repost the last eight episodes in case you missed them the first time. Each week will be a different theme so you can catch the ones that feel most relevant to you.

This week...Building Brand YOU.

Up first is Alex N Winston with Stepping Out in Style and Feeling Good. In this episode we talk about capsule wardrobes, wearing what's in style vs feeling comfortable and why your style represents your brand. This is great if you’re looking for closet inspiration and needing a little nudge to get dressed up for yourself. S3 e2 mumboss Next is Olivia Omega with Your Mess is Your Message. This episode is packed full of nuggets of wisdom from Olivia on building your brand, authenticity, and what to do when life throws you a massive curveball. Tune in to this episode for some major mama inspiration and how to build a more authentic brand. S3 e2 Olivia omega Up next week: ‘Hey Dude, Where’s my Tribe’ where we look at the loss of our support network and communicating our needs with podcast guests Tiffany Howsam and Dr Jolene Brighten.