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Season 3 Recap: Rebulding the Tribe of Motherhood

[DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS] Over the course of this year and as I have been developing and interviewing for the #mumboss podcast, the thing that has become super clear to me is that we have lost our support network and our tribe of sisters and mothers. The integration of communities has broken down, particularly in America, as we have focused on the individual and have moved away from families in pursuit of our own happiness. I'm not saying this path is wrong. I have chosen to move away from family and potential help because of personal desires and the will to create something new. But this leaves a hole, an emptiness, that must now be filled by hiring out help or figuring out how to juggle it all ourselves. It's become the “modern way” when maybe it shouldn't. So today I'm highlighting the loss of tribes, the need of support for mamas, and what we can do about it. It's not going to change overnight but every step counts and it begins with us recognizing our needs and how to communicate them. Are you ready?

Rebuilding the Tribe of Motherhood

Up first is...

Tiffany Howsam with Getting What You Want Out of Life

This episode is for you if you're a new mama, have patterns of behavior that can't seem to overcome or struggled with postpartum depression. Or really for anyone who is ready to get to that next level in life. #mumboss s3 e2 Next is...

Dr Jolene Brighten with Building Your Tribe

Tune in to this episode of you want to learn more about how we became separated from our sisterhood, the importance of the fourth trimester, and what a new tribe can look like. S3 E5 mumboss As always thank you for tuning in. Next week: Being a #mumboss with Paula Mallis and Veena Sidhu.