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Season 3 Recap: The Story of the New Mama

[DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS] There is a sentiment among some that after becoming a mother, your only value is to that of the family and home. I think this is sad and something I personally rally against in my own life. It’s not that being valuable to the home and family isn’t important, I just don't think it’s the full story for everyone. Further, I believe, and would like to propose, that women can become even more valuable to the workforce after having kids because they have learned new skills, they understand empathy and how to direct and don’t take ‘no’ personally...amongst other amazing talents. The last two of season 3 recap are both shows that highlight the strength of women in leadership and how to apply skills learned in biz to your life and vice verse.

The Story of the New Mama

This new generation, us #mumbosses, don’t have to compartmentalize our lives. Rather it’s an integration of our world’s and understanding how to apply our talents across the spectrum of our responsibilities that will help us to rock this space! First up is...

Amanda Berlin in Pitching in Life and Biz

S3 E7In this episode Amanda and I talk about parallels of parenting a toddler and the skills for pitching your business to media outlets. Tune in to this episode if you want to learn what’s important in pitching, how to build your story, and why knowing your values are essential for success. Next is...

Claudia Chan in Women’s Empowerment and Leadership

Mumboss s3 ep 8 Claudia blows me away in this episode with her experience as an entrepreneur and her passion in empowering women to lead no matter where they are in their careers and life. Tune in to this episode for some major inspiration, to learn how we can play a role in the UN’s 17 Sustainable Goals, and steps to become a leader right now. Next week is the start of Season 4 with Darlynn Childress with A Peak into the Mind of your Child. Thank you for tuning in and being part of the #mumboss community. Have thoughts or comments to share? Add below or find me on instagram or Facebook, would love to hear from you!