Story of Her: we are all mothers


| By Rachel Maskell

Story of Her: we are all mothers

This week’s Wheel of Themes, landed on Mamahood. I recognize this is a topic that many women may not think applies to them and if that is you I am going to ask that you set this belief aside for a few minutes and hear me out.

Mamahood is more than just giving birth and raising human babies. It’s about our capacity to create. And this is no small thing.

This is why I have paired the crown chakra with motherhood. Because I believe the apex of our existence is the ability to create, which is what ties us back to the Great Mama herself. We are all mothers, and I would even include our men on that!

What do you think about mamahood? Do you agree that we are all mothers with our ability to create? Share your thoughts in the comments below.