Story of Her with Jenna Anton


| By Rachel Maskell

Story of Her with Jenna Anton

Makeup. It’s not something I’m that confident with in wearing, or understanding how to utilize it effectively. I love the idea of play and obviously is necessary for theatrics and on-camera moments, but what about daily life? Does wearing makeup mean we don’t think we are beautiful naturally?

I have all these questions and curiosities around makeup, and figured I wasn’t alone. So in today’s Story of Her I sit down and chat with makeup artist Jenna Anton.

Jenna is radiant and her approach is all about enhancing our natural beauty. We talk about her journey, finding the right balance with makeup, and what a ‘five-minute’ face looks like. Spoiler alert...I am not wearing any makeup at the start of the show. Talk about vulnerable! 

Jenna Anton is represented by Forward Artists. Check out her stunning portfolio here. You can follow and connect with her on beauty and makeup @jennaantonmakeup

What about you? What is your journey with makeup? Do you feel like you have a healthy relationship with makeup and beauty? Would love to hear your feedback and questions in the comments below.