The Feminist Revolution is On


| By Rachel Maskell

The Feminist Revolution is On

 In a recent trip to a ‘beauty upkeep’ session my provider shared, out of the blue, how she believes mamas are truly the chosen ones. She said that we are part of an elite tribe that has been given the gift to grow and birth life. Despite my discomfort I smiled and thought how fascinating that she is telling me this right now. She has no idea what I believe or the work I do.

And then yesterday I read a passage from a book that spoke of women's bodies as altars. With the definition that altars are the physical representation of the meeting point between our world and the spiritual world.

Both of these examples remind me of the sacredness and the awe-someness of being a woman, regardless if one has given birth or not.

The Feminist Revolution is on.

But I don't see it as one where we all have to wear pants, or for that matter dresses. It's a time where we embrace our individuality and reconnect with our gifts. In some ways this is gender-less. Which makes sense, matriarchy was never founded on the belief that any gender was better than another. It's always been about complimenting each other and allowing for the differences to make us stronger.

It's Election Day as I am writing this. Admittedly this will be scheduled to post before I know who will be our next president and before I can make any changes I will be boarded onto a boat with no cell signal.

So here we are at a pivotal time in our history. Will a woman president have the impact we females are craving for? Will Hillary be the solution to gender inequality?

Will Trump bring us back into the dark ages with his locker room attitude and language towards women?

I suppose only time will tell how the next president will shape our future. What I do know is that I don't have to wait for the government to tell me how I should feel about my body or where my strength and gifts come from. That's a choice I get to make every day. How I greet the world, how much I love myself and care for myself, how I serve those around me...these are the little yet profound things I know I can do to create a life and world I love.

You with me?