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The Get Down and Get Real with Natashia McLean

Season 4, Episode 5

[DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS] Since the time of this recording I have been to Burning Man, a wedding in Portland, and now in Asheville, North Carolina. Kaliana has started school and we haven't seen each other in about two weeks. It's been a whirlwind of travel with plenty of ups and downs, not unlike the theme of today's show. The other parallel to my journeys and this show are the people I met. One in particular shared with me her recent loss - a miscarriage and the path of healing it took her on. She had no idea that I had done this interview. Welcome to season 4, episode 5 of the #mumboss podcast a show dedicated to enhancing your super mama powers. I’m your host Rachel Maskell and today’s guest is Natashia McLean of Canary Jane, an illustrator, blogger, and Instagram maven. Natashia is a mother of four and is an incredible inspiration and artist. In today's episode she gets personal, like really personal, and shares with me the ins and outs of freelancing and a recent loss that she's still recovering from. There are moments in the show where we talk about blood and female I said...we get real. I know Natashia is not alone and we women need to come together and tell our stories to connect more deeply with our tribe. The woman who shared with me at Burning Man was given a pearl of wisdom and understanding that I want to pass on here...that her loss was a preparation to contain what is to come. Mamas, women, we are incredible and the power that we hold and can give birth to is not always in the form we imagine. But we give birth more frequently than we realize and we are paving the way for great things. Expect to learn how following your passion can have positively profound impacts, the not so fun aspects of working for yourself, and what happens when the unexpected happens. natashia-mclean-headshot

What we cover:

  • Why freelancing rocks
  • The challenges of being self employed
  • The realities of a miscarriage
  • Why it's important to share
You can download some awesome free printables and stay connected with Natashia McLean on her blog at She shares lots of great tips, resources, as well as mom and life stuff. Stay tuned next week for episode 6 of Season 4. We’ll be talking about embracing the mess with Xavia Omega. Thank you so much for listening. If you liked this show, please share it with your community. If you, or another mama you know, are looking for answers to your burning questions send them my way at You can also support the #mumboss vision by subscribing on iTunes and rate the show…even if you tune in through other formats. If you don’t want to miss an episode be sure to subscribe for updates on my website at Stay in the loop on Instagram @mumboss, or on Facebook with the #mumboss hotline. Download episode | Get new episodes delivered to your inbox

About this episode

Meet the Guest

From Natashia: Hi there! I'm Natashia. I've always liked making stuff. So I've done that through nail art to scrap-booking to fashion to photography to interior design to painting. Creativity is a form of expression for me and a drive. Basically it's what I'm about. Getting to this place, my own creative space and shop, has been a journey. Visiting family in Southern California my family would drive past the Disney animation studio and I would dream of working there. While my dreams have shifted they still are based on the fact that I can have a career using my creative talents. For those who've known me for a while, thanks for always believing in me and my talent. Much love. And for those new, "hi, hello, and hola!" Free Printable Library Canary Jane on Instagram Canary Jane on Facebook Canary Jane on Twitter Bed music from Podington Bear. Thank you for the use!