The Gift of Pain


| By Rachel Maskell

The Gift of Pain

I think it was big in the 80s right, thanks to Jane Fonda - No pain, no gain. I don't know if it's true but I do know my recent experience of physical pain was incredibly insightful. I wish it didn't have to be so debilitating but in retrospect I suppose it could have been worse.

I shared my story on Instagram last Friday but in short last week I had so much pain in my body it knocked me out for almost three days.

It started on Sunday before I went to the Full Moon gathering at WMN Space. I knew I needed to get there, to hear the message of what this past Virgo full moon had to teach me. And yes, so much wisdom.

The core message: let your head be in service to your heart. So sweet, right? So simple? Ha!

It wasn't new information for me but it certainly resonated on a new level when my head was pounding and my chest restricted. And for the first time I was asking myself how. How do I do this?

Fast forward to Tuesday when I finally got some body work done. Three different sessions in fact! The first calmed my nervous system. Got me a little out of my funk. The second was the power hitter.

As soon as I arrived to my Jungian/shaman massage therapist he went to work quick. Hitting the pain directly, moving around, creating space in my chest and having me breathe with direction and purpose. Inhale into my chest. Exhale with sound. Inhale into chest, exhale with sound. Moving energy.

By the time I left his space I was in even more pain but I felt free, shifted, different.

The third session was craniosacral therapy that helped move all the gunk out. She could feel exactly where the energy was getting blocked and helped to release so I could flush it all out. Incredible.

So the lesson. The gain from this experience...

How to drop into the heart space.

It's breath. Conscious breath into the chest. Feel it expand. Become aware of the space where the heart lives.

And I do this frequently now. When I'm doing laundry, when I'm doing the dishes, when I want to scream, when I want to cry.

Instead of letting my mind spin into a downward spiral of resentment I breathe into my chest and let my heart takeover.

The results are still coming in but so far so good. So far I am more accepting of myself. So far I am connecting with my daughter on a whole new level and releasing my husband from judgement that he's not the perfect woman I sometimes expect him to be. So far so good.

And all it took was a few days of excruciating pain and breath. So please, skip the pain and go to your breath.

I'd love to hear your results.



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