The Guide for Gettin' Your Sparkle On


| By Rachel Maskell

The Guide for Gettin' Your Sparkle On

Working on this first campaign for the MUMBOX has been incredible. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I can tell you in my experience launching something is good for building character and getting clear about the message.

For me the clarity has really come around the Journey of Self as I have been describing with the symbols on the MUMBOX. It is a process that I feel strongly about but I’ve been looking to find new ways to communicate these steps that are tangible and applicable on a daily basis. What is it I do when things get crazy?

Breathe. Receive. Do. Be.

This is The Practice and the steps I take when I’m not sure what to do next. I may not have the answers in the moment but by pausing and allowing my inner voice to be heard I can receive insight and create a plan to be more in alignment with my self. Meaning - less arguments, less frustration, and a whole lot more inner peace.

I’ve outlined these steps in the quarterly Guide that comes with the MUMBOX. But it’s also a standalone product that can be purchased as a subscription or viewed as a digital pub. It’s filled with inspiring quotes, street art mashup, and journal exercises to help us tackle the hot topics of life. This quarter is all about self love and Inner Gold. In short…getting our sparkle on!

And I am so excited about this season’s Guide I wanted to share with you here. Check out the digital version below.

The print version is great for writing in, for tearing out pages and posting them somewhere, to share with can use it daily as part of a meditative practice, you can keep it in your bag and pull it out when you need a friendly’s only 5x5 so it’s easy to travel with and makes a great companion.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!