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The Hustle with Lisa and Natashia

w2-lisa-and-natashia [DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS] The elephant in the room with all this #mumboss stuff, that is if you’re on the entrepreneurial track, is that it’s not always easy and glamorous. It’s hard work and learning how to balance relationships, parenting, and getting sh*t done is a constant challenge. Throw in a few curve balls from life and well...that’s where we get to see what we’re made of. In the second week of Season 4 Recap we have two amazing mamas that share their experiences of building their businesses and some not always amazing moments. First up is Lisa Hom with Living the Startup Life. Lisa is the founder of Parasol Co, a new company that is revisioning what a diaper can be for both the baby and the family. She gives a peek into what it’s like hiring, building and running a new company, and raising three kids. Hot tip: get the kids involved! Listen to ‘Living the Startup Life with Lisa Hom’ here. Natashia McLean of Canary Jane is up next. Natashia shares how she landed her dream career as an illustrator and blogger and how this shift has impacted her life. Lots of good stuff but also some unexpected turns that she’s still healing from. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to speak with Natashia and how willing she was to share her story. Listen to ‘The Get Down and Get Real with Natashia McLean’ here. Next week Season 4 Recap continues with ‘Getting Dirty’! If you don’t want to miss an episode and want to get personal insights from me be sure to subscribe for updates on my website at