The story of Her: a #mumboss interview with Dana James


| By Rachel Maskell

The story of Her: a #mumboss interview with Dana James

How do you use food? Yes, USE food. Because we know most of us aren’t just using food as fuel, nor do I think we should. It’s a full on sensory experience but one that is often ripe with pain, addiction, and control. I know my own journey has elements of that.

As Dana James says, “generally women have a very complicated relationship with food…it stems from how we source our self worth.” Oh boy. And how we source our self worth comes from our primary childhood wound. Yep, it gets deep.

Further, it’s a topic that we need to be discussing, sharing and healing from. As a mother I feel even more determined to look at these wounds and to address them so I can be aware of how my behavior may impact Kaliana in the future. We all want the best for our kids and healing our own wounds feels like the best place to start.

So sit down, take a little time, and learn what your food archetype is. It’s fascinating, useful, and powerful.



PS: if you know someone who would benefit from this conversation, please pass it along. I’m sure they would love to hear from you and it may be the trigger they need to take action.