The story of Her: a #mumboss interview with Heidi Stevens


| By Rachel Maskell

The story of Her: a #mumboss interview with Heidi Stevens

How do we find our life's calling? By listening to the messages in our environment. Whether in our bodies or all around us the universe will try to get our attention and point us in the direction where we can be our best in service.

For Heidi Stevens this meant moving out of a highly dominated commercial real estate field into helping women creative entrepreneurs find their sweet spot and make money doing it. Lots of money!

On Heidi's journey she has done a lot of personal growth work, aka ‘Team Heidi,’ that has allowed her to move into a grounded place that she can now inspire and lead other women to find their own mastery. And we can all use a sister to lift us up and help us navigate our way.

In today's show Heidi shares what she learned in real estate and how it applies to womenpreneurs, the feminine and masculine balance in the workplace, the number one blockage for success and tips on how to combat it.

Tune in for the whole story below.