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The Wisdom of Our Kids with Darlynn and Latham

Darlynn and Latham [DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS] You’ve heard it before, “our kids are our greatest teachers,” and if you’re like me, you relate to this statement a lot. Being a parent, or mama, is one of the most humbling experiences. One that can often bring us to our knees. To kick off the recap of Season 4 I’m bringing back Darlynn Childress and Latham Thomas. Both episodes have a thread of connecting with our children. Darlynn shares how best to deal with our kid’s behavior issues and goes deep into the development of the brain. This conversation had my own brain ticking away for weeks after. Think emotional intelligence, tools for managing our own responses to our children, and the importance of working on ourselves. Listen to ‘A Peak into the Mind of your Child with Darlynn Childress’. Next is the fantabulous Latham Thomas. Latham blows my mind with how she juggles her demanding schedule while parenting her son, DJ Fulano. We talk about routine, letting go of managing time, and the insight our children share when we pay attention. Listen to ‘Bring on the Glow with Latham Thomas’. Next week Season 4 recap continues with ‘Feeling the Hustle’ If you don’t want to miss an episode and want to get personal insights from me be sure to subscribe for updates on my website at