Top 5 Lessons I Want to Teach My Girl


| By Rachel Maskell

Top 5 Lessons I Want to Teach My Girl

There will be no shortage of things our children will learn and be exposed to in life. Through our own behaviors, how we relate to our partners, and deal with stress - our children are watching us. Which made me think about what is it that I really want my girl to know.

If I could distill down all of life's lessons, what are the top five that I feel are most valuable and impactful for my daughter’s future?

  • Trust yourself
  • You won't always get your way and that's okay
  • Learning new things is fun
  • Change is inevitable, embrace it
  • Self expression is part of the joy in life

In today's vid I delve into these in more detail. How I approach it and why these are my top five.