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Turning Your Mess into Your Message with Olivia Omega

Season 3, Episode 3

[DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS] Guess what. Life happens. That’s not meant to be negative or hopeless. It just is. How we interpret that and what we do when life takes, perhaps, unexpected turns, is what separates us out from each other. It’s these experiences that creates who we are today and if you are like our next guest, it not only shapes who we are, it fuels what we do in life and creates a stronger brand. Welcome to the #mumboss podcast a show dedicated to enhancing your super mama powers. I’m your host Rachel Maskell and today’s guest is Olivia Omega. Olivia is a personal branding expert, social media strategist, and author of Beautifully Branded: The Girls Guide to Personal Branding & Understanding the Anatomy of Brand You. Expect to learn tools on overcoming adversity, what authenticity really means when it comes to branding, and why women as entrepreneurs makes a hell of a lot of sense. Note: there are moments of audio glitches that unfortunately I was unable to remove from today’s show. But there are so many good nuggets that I felt I still had to share. I’m sure you’ll agree...

What we cover:

  • Tools for overcoming adversity
  • What authenticity really means
  • When a set back is just a set back
  • The difference in men in women embracing the mess
Olivia Omega headshot To connect with Olivia Omega on branding and social media strategies go to oliviaomega.com. You can find some great tools for setting goals and intentions there. Her book, Beautifully Branded is available at beautifullybranded.net and find inspiration on her new blog at laughlivlove.comYou can also find her with her new partner and hubby at wallacemarketinggroup.com Stay tuned next week for episode 4. We’ll be talking about super powers and getting out of our own way with Veena Sidhu. Thank you so much for listening. If you liked this show, please share it with your community. If you, or another mama you know, are looking for answers to your burning questions send them my way at mumboss.com/contact. You can also support the #mumboss vision by subscribing on iTunes and rate the show…even if you tune in through other formats. If you don’t want to miss an episode be sure to subscribe for updates on my website at mumboss.com Stay in the loop on Instagram @mumboss, or on Facebook with the #mumboss hotline. Download episode | Get new episodes delivered to your inbox

About this episode

Meet the Guest

Olivia Omega is a personal branding expert, social media strategist, sought after speaker focused on building entrepreneurial brands and author of Beautifully Branded: The Girls Guide to Personal Branding & Understanding the Anatomy of Brand You. Her mission is to inspire and encourage women entrepreneurs while giving them the tools needed to successfully build their personal brands both online and offline through workshops, mentorship, online courses and one-on-one consultations. She is a freelance consultant with over 12 years of traditional advertising, digital marketing and branding experience. Olivia has taught social media and branding workshops across the country for both large and small business clients, equipping them with the knowledge to successfully use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and blogs to grow their brands. Past PR clients have been featured in USA Today, Entrepreneur, Glamour, Daily Candy, O Magazine, Us Weekly, Life & Style, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Insider, Parents, Pregnancy, Fit Pregnancy, Pregnancy & Newborn and more. Olivia graduated with a business marketing degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Leeds School of Business. Olivia enjoys dancing, sewing, yoga and her two kids.

Find Olivia Omega at:

oliviaomega.com http://oliviaomega.com/2016-goals-download/ beautifullybranded.net laughlivlove.com wallacemarketinggroup.com Bed music from Podington Bear. Thank you for the use!