Unlocking Community with Ashley Sumner


| By Rachel Maskell

Unlocking Community with Ashley Sumner

“1 in 4 Americans are lonely.” - Ashley Sumner

Community. What a buzz word. I hear it everywhere I go and I get it. When James and I left New York it wasn’t because we didn’t have connections or friends, it was because we wanted more space and a better quality of life for the family. But after moving to Los Angeles, I get it. I have a community here like I have never had in my life. And I am grateful.

Unfortunately many people don’t have a support network or a sisterhood that they can lean on. As new mothers this becomes even more apparent and often more desolate. So what’s the solution? Not everyone can come to LA, nor would they want to. For some, maybe you, the urban environment just ain't your thing. So then what...how does community get built and thrive?

That’s been the mission of Ashley Sumner in her many iterations as a community builder. And now joining forces with Gianna Wurzl they have developed a platform that I think will fill a need for many women across the country. Enter wequilt.co. No, it’s not a quilting company...but I’ll let Ashley tell you all about it in today’s #mumboss TV episode.

Your turn: What role has community played in your life? Do you crave it or feel like you have had enough of it?