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What is a #mumboss?

Season 1, Episode 1

[DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS] mumboss with Kaliana in LA I'm about to embark on this crazy project. The more I get into it, the more I think I am being delusional that this is a good idea. I've never done it before and its not like I don't have enough to keep me busy, but I feeling drawn and driven to do this. (audio texture) So what is this crazy project? It's called #mumboss, and it's a bit of an homage to Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal and author of #girlboss. Her book has created an amazing following and has inspired so many women, yet when my team at Lettuce Design and I were speaking we realized that we're not girls anymore...we're moms (or mums which is a shout out to my English hubby) and that role comes with a new set of guidelines, expectations, and thankfully... abilities. But here's the thing, I also see that so many of us, obviously myself included, get lost in this new role. We can struggle to understand and to embrace a new sense of self and purpose. This shift into motherhood can feel crippling if we don't allow ourselves to acknowledge the change and to not lose our sense of identity through the evolution. (K: mammi, you mommy stomp stomp stomp) I should introduce myself now. My name is Rachel Maskell, I am a wife to an entrepreneur, a mother to a beautiful and very clever almost 2 year old going on 20, founder of an all female digital design studio, Lettuce Design, I'm a travel lover and sometimes rule breaker. And I'm sure there are any other things I can put in my CV but I'll leave it at that for now. Currently some may consider us homeless as we have been traveling and stay with friends and family since the end of February. For the month of March we have been in Sacramento, Los Angeles, London, Guernsey, New York and back to LA. (R: checking in at Heathrow to fly back to New York. New York for a little bit before back to LA. Here we go...) By the time you listen to this we will have been back to New York for May, traveled to Croatia and Italy and then back to...that's where I draw a blank. We technically don't have any plans from end of June to well...it. It's kinda fun and kinda scary. But anyway I share this with you so you'll have a better sense of what my life is like, and also in a manner of transparency...yes, all the shows are prerecorded and edited and prepared in advance to posting. I'm trying to stay organized with my time which I believe is a trait of a #mumboss. At least one of the traits of a #mumboss. (K: going on a helicopter? R: I'd like to go on a helicopter. Would you like to go on a helicopter? K: Yeah! R: That would be fun huh?...oh, oh...Do you know how many times you've been on an airplane? K: yeah R: How many times? K: Helicopter? On a helicopter? R: How 'bout the airplane? K: On a helicopter.) So, why are we bopping around like this? The travel is usually for weddings or speaking opportunities for my husband. I enjoy a chance to explore the world and share it all with our girl. We're also trying to determine where our next destination will be. New York was home and still a big part of our life and important for business...but the cold really isn't that fun with a toddler. And at this point were having to look for schools and all those other details that come along with being a mom and family. (K: help me, help me, help me mamma, help me) But lately there have been recent nights when I'm awake after 2 in the morning there have been tricky moments traveling with Kaliana. Not sure if it was jet lag, sickness, or what but she has been waking up in the middle of the night crying, singing, talking...it will last for hours until she settles herself back in. Didn't matter what I do she still wouldn't go back to sleep. So I let her work it out. (K: alphabet rambles) After three nights like these I am beginning to wonder the sanity of my parenting decisions. Is it okay to take our 23 month old daughter traveling around with us as though she is an extra piece of luggage? Albeit more demanding... I know there are always costs associated with any decision and as a parent we are constantly having to make choices that don't always seem like the best at the time. It's impossible to have foresight to know exactly how are choices will impact our children, so we have to trust our intuition. And that's why I am here right now talking to you. Not about intuition exactly but about what it takes to be a mum and what it means to be a #mumboss. (Audio - Washington square park, musicians) I believe as women we're craving different models, different ways of doing things. I want to know how we can be individuals and still be mothers and wives. What's the right balance and how do we stay sane and loving. And what does that all mean? To be honest I'm not 100% sure. That's part of this podcast too. To explore what it means to be a mum and an entrepreneur, what it takes to maintain a sense of self while being empathetic, compassionate and giving. To let go of perfection and embrace forgiveness...Sounds exhausting just saying it. How am I going to tackle all of that on this show? TBD but first, I'm going to take it one step at a time and keep this podcast as transparent as possible, I'll be recording my travels, my days, my girl. I want to share my life as part of the exploration and to give an example of how we do it. kaliana and rachel with strawberries (audio: K: Hi mom! R: What are you eating? K: Strawberries! R: How many strawberries have you eaten? K: One. R: One?! I don't think so. You have one in your hand right now... K: Two. Two R: Yeah K: Twoooo R: I think you've probably had like...hmmm...at least six. K: Six... R: Where are we? K: ummm...huh) Some shows may be a little quick and dirty as that's all I may have time to do. My life, like so many, can get hectic and learning to juggle more than we ever thought was possible is all part of being a mom. I plan on recording and editing on my iphone or ipad. It will all be done by me in my 'spare time' so hopefully you'll be forgiving if the sound quality or editing isn't stellar. I am sure that there is always more I could do to improve the show but I also know that perfectionism can get in the way of moving forward and I know I just need to quiet the voices in my head long enough to put it out there. I also have to say that after searching for many different apps to edit audio I’m determined to develop my own...there is really nothing out there that allows for amature editing that’s both simple but with loads of capacity. So I'm spending lots of time just sinking around. If you’re a developer and interested in collaborating on this...give me a shout (K: it's time!!! A big one is coming! R: that's ridiculous. You're like fully in there.) I feel like we are part of a new era and a shifting paradigm where we, as women and mothers, have more choices than ever before and in order to take advantage of the possibilities, we just need to know it's okay and to learn from each other, to connect with each other and lean on each other when things don't seem to make sense. So here we go... episode 1 of the mumboss podcast. This season we'll cover what it means to be a mum, a boss, a traveler, a wife and still be me. Yeah, feeling nervous! If you like it, please share it with your community and send feedback let me know what you think. Massive thanks and stay tuned for the next show, the mum part where I share a day in the life of and get personal. (K: I done. I done working. R: you done working? Good job toilet flush R: okay, well maybe not that personal. K: you ready mama? R: I'm ready are you ready? K: yeah, yeah. You ready? R: yeah) Download episode | Get new episodes delivered to your inbox

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